Brisk. Or not.


Yesterday was the first brisk day. Fall.

Time to:

Swap out the clothes. Not too easy getting dressed for work when half are too big and half are too summer. Trying on is such a pain, sigh.

Fight with Direct TV and/or local stations over why said local stations refuse to give us waivers to get network stations from NY or LA when we can not get local network TV – at all anymore. Must get this taken care of – before American Idol begins.

Get the damn passports renewed.

Order Springsteen tickets.

Book hotel rooms in New England for 2 weeks from now. First figure out where the hell we want to go [before or after the film festival in Portsmouth.]

Decide on whether or not to visit father in Florida – next weekend.

Get my ass up and get ready for another day at work.


2 responses to “Brisk. Or not.

  1. I can’t wait to hear your film fest tales.

  2. I’m looking forward to it – never been to one.

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