Jacket lust


I’ve been looking for a new black leather jacket for my trip to the New Hampshire Film Festival in October.  My old one is ragged and is also too big. 

I tried this bomber jacket on in Saks last Thursday.  It is the first and only one I tried on [for some reason in “the south” there are no coats out yet – in September!]

It fit.  Perfectly. 

I did not buy it. 

The inner dialogue:

                       Maybe the lining is too thin.
                       Maybe it won’t be warm enough. 
                       I bet I can fit a sweater under here.

I put it on hold.  Til tomorrow. No $ down, what’s the harm?

The more I think about it, the more I like it.  The more I want to go back and get it.

Funny how that works. 

It is called “smart marketing.”


7 responses to “Jacket lust

  1. That jacket will look excellent with your new hair.

  2. Go ahead, twist my arm… lol

    [I am going to go look at it again tonight]

  3. That is baiting yourself.
    Love it.
    Go buy it. Now. shoo.

  4. Good choice. That jacket screams Michele.

  5. That jacket had my name on it.

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