The best burger on the east coast

My friends have been on a food-taunting spree.  Sulya with Poutine.  Max with fries.  Kitty with southern biscuits

  Figured I’d jump in.

I recently found the best burger place on the east coast. 

It is Five Guys.  


The meat is fresh-ground.  The patties hand-formed and made to order.  The bun is soft but not too soft.  You choose any [or all] of the extensive list of toppings for free [except cheese which is extra].  I added ketchup, onion, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos.  There are mushrooms on the list too.  [Sorry, AJ, there are no beets.]

It is by far – the. best. burger. I. have. ever. eaten.  [And the fries are to die for too.  Fried in pure peanut oil.]



17 responses to “The best burger on the east coast

  1. How is it that something so ugly looks so good at the same time?
    You put the right words on it, that’s how.

  2. I think I am food-taunting myself – which was not supposed to happen.

  3. You had me till peanut oil.

    Peanut oil? Really?

    Also what is up with those jalapenos on burger? That is burger abuse.

  4. With all those fries and poutines and cookies and now this… I can hear my stomach gurgling.

  5. Yes Max, peanut oil fries, they are really good, I was surprised. And you order 2 small fries and get a big brown bag overloaded with them.

    Hey, I like it with jalapenos – they are better than beets. [I just get a few]

    Soph, go ahead – eat.

  6. I cannot be taunted with beef. Beef is not my friend. Eyes sometimes like it. Body does not. So, I am pretending that those are Bison/Buffalo patties and drooling accordingly. Yum.

  7. Buffalo patties? Any good?

  8. VERY very tasty michele. Big bad yum. Feel like they have more flavour, heartier somehow. Highly enjoyable. Should give’em a try if you can…

  9. Will do If I come across it.

  10. there’s one due to open near us in Joisey

  11. BruddahBob you have to go there it is excellent. You only need to order the small fries, you get a huge brown paper bag filled up with’em.

  12. I sent an email to their website to find out if they either a cardiologist or EMTs on site at certain locations.

  13. Damn, that burger is still ugly.

  14. Oh come on BruddahBob you only live once.

    Ugly? Hmm. Time for a new post I guess.

  15. Joe Shmo 101

    You forgot bacon. Bacon isn’t free.

    The fries taste NOTHING like peanuts. They are NEVER overdone, and they are always the right texture.

    The have buffalo/bison burgers at Chili’s and Ruby Tuesday’s restaurants nation wide.

    Also, look up Five Guys in the Washingtonian (5 years in a row of reader’s choice best burger)

  16. Joe Shmo 101

    BTW, I found this by Googling “Best Burger”

  17. The fries are great.

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