AI season 2 again, yay!


This just in – American Idol Season II will air again starting September 30 on WGN.

This was the season of Clay, Ruben, Kimberly, Trenyce – all strong singers, all with great voices.  It was the season where you can watch Kimberly grow as a singer, Clay morph from geek to – dare I say – hot as hell?  Trenyce give us some kicking hot performances, Ruben soulful vibes.  Hell, even Simon’s jabs were the best in season 2. 

It was the only season that I did not know for certain who the winner would be but I did know for certain who the winner should be.  [If you know me, you know who I think should have won.]  It was the closest finale ever – with 38 million votes.  And the first and last time I hit redial 300 times in 2 hours.

I’m in.  Even though I know how it ends.  Sigh. 



4 responses to “AI season 2 again, yay!

  1. Michele,
    sorry to barge in. the Poutine info is at:


  2. You are not “barging” Brut, you are welcome here, and thanks for the link -Sulya has intrigued me with the Poutine – I may check out those $13 fries one drunken night in NYC.

  3. Thanks Michele. I will be meeting one of my contacts to the Pub, in Paris this week. Maybe i’ll be able to tell you more when i get back. I have a lot of friends in the restaurant biz in NY. At one time 25% of all the booze sold in Manhattan went throught their restaurants, clubs and bars. Nice friends, huh? But, hey, Poutine is much more than just Fries. It’s practically a meal. Back in a couple of weeks.

  4. Oh have fun in Paris, Brut, you lucky..

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