The black pump

Yesterday, after popping a couple of extra-strength Bayers to take the edge off of a throbbing toothache,  I went out on a search for a pair of black pumps.   The only requirements were that they needed to have heels of some substantial height (as in 3 inches or thereabouts) and not be “too boring.”  Oh yes – I almost forgot – they must be comfortable.  Pain in the feet can ruin a day. 

I noticed a preponderance of rounded, short-capped toes in the shoes this season.  Toe-cleavage. Oo la la.

franco-sarto-dublin.jpg I bought this pair. This is the Franco Sarto Dublin. It is hard to tell in this pic, but that toe area is short.

pgnwjoggleblkmulepd.jpgI bought this pair too. This is the Nine West Joggle. Also with a rounded short cap toe – this toe is patent leather. They have elastic as well, which is interesting, and a 4-inch stack heel.  A little higher than I usually wear.  I figure I’ll get used to it.

_5446299.jpg I tried on a pair of Kate Spade’s as well, the Kameron pump, but these were not comfortable at all – there was no support in the back which caused me to wobble unattractively and at $295 – well, need I say more?

So, two pair of black pumps.  Shopping success. 


6 responses to “The black pump

  1. Yay is right – I so love shoes.

  2. I totally get why you tried on the Kate Spade. That shoe is pretty. It makes me purr…

  3. Oh it is, Sulya. Perfect shoe if you are not going to walk in it.

  4. Fortunately for me I have perfected the decorous lean — especially helpful when you are wearing shoes that do not exactly balance in a full on stand. Those shoes are perfect for me if someone will just carry me in and out before propping me seductively against a pillar.

  5. LOL – the decorous lean! Somehow I can picture that.

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