The clarifying moment


Today is a beautiful day.

I have been working on rewrites of my first screenplay for months.  And then – a full stop.  Because.  I had a glaring plot issue, a hole that I could not get past no matter how I tried to come up with various alterations of the same idea.  Which makes sense – since they were various alterations of the same idea.

So I was stalled.  And started work on the next screenplay.  But.  I have spent over a year on this script so there was this nagging in my mind.  All. The. Time.

So.  Back to today.

I sit outside on the porch to chill with my ciggy and coffee.  And.  I see it. 

I see it so clearly, I can see the scenes.

And this is major change.  Good scenes must be scrapped entirely.  New ones written.

But.  I know where to go, and I can go there. 

I will go there.  Today.



7 responses to “The clarifying moment

  1. No wonder why they call it re-writing hell. Looking forward to reading those new scenes, Michele. I’ve missed Kate.

  2. Thanks. It is amazing to me how things come to you when you least expect it.

    Oh Sophia, you will be seeing more of Kate ;). And rewrite hell – well, I like to think of it as growing pains.

  3. I started mine too, Michele. It kicked my ass pretty hard. LOL.

    So good to hear of your rewrite heaven.

  4. You started already Kitty? Welcome to the club.

  5. That’s so cool Michele! yey! Missed you in chat, by the way.

  6. I missed you guys too – bad tooth experience knocked me out.

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