Fortune cookie issues

fortune-cookie-2.jpgWhen I eat Chinese, I expect to get a fortune cookie that is – well – a real fortune.  Not lately.  A while back, husband got the lazy fortune cookie.  A couple of weeks ago I get one that is telling me what to eat for breakfast.

“Here we go.  “Moo Shu Cereal” for breakfast with duck sauce.”  Eew.

I ask, who the hell is writing fortune cookies these days? 


8 responses to “Fortune cookie issues

  1. ive gotten that one and also one that says “next time order the shrimp”

  2. lol – i like that one.

  3. i got one too and it said , ”go home”

  4. There must be a smart-ass new fortune cookie writer.

  5. My favorite fortune cookie saying is:

    “You would make a good lawyer.”


  6. I hope some direction-less college kid doesn’t get that & is unduly influenced.

  7. mine said that the donkeys lips dont fit on a horse

  8. that is a chinese proverb of some obscure meaning

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