The scream

250px-the_scream.jpgDo you hear it?  My scream?

It’s been the week from hell.

Under an incredible mass of work that has me up at 4 a.m and working til 7 p.m.

2 new business trips appear out of vapor.  [NYC and Minne-fuckin-appolis] – first week of September, first week of October.

Personal trips scheduled the weekends of 9/1 [Wintergreen] and 9/15 [NYC again for the annual girl-clique get-together]. Another planned for the second week of October [New Hampshire Film Festival]

Trying to schedule in a visit to my father in Florida somewhere in there – he who is alone and depressed about the loss of the dog – which was going to be the last weekend of September but now that this Minneapolis thing pops up can’t be and I cannot leave work earlier in September because remember the mass of work that is due the end of that month?

My father calls husband at home yesterday morning – have we heard from sister who was due to fly out of Chicago [she is on business too what is it with these business trips?] and there were weather conditions reported on the news and he has not heard from her?  Husband says “no” and tells me this when I get home from work at 7:30 last night.  Well he tells me at 8:00 – and I call and she is not home and I call her cell and she does not answer and I leave messages and nothing.  And I call again this morning- all phones this time I add her Vermont number in case she ran up there for the weekend – and nothing.  And my father wants to know where is that passport renewal form I promised to mail him this week because it is hard for him to get to the post office twice and I promise I will send it today.

And my mother has been nauseous for 2 days and does not know why and now she is worried about sister too.

And I have not written a word in a week.  And I cannot this weekend – remember the mass of work?

And we are out of cigarettes so I have to get in the car and drive 20 minutes each way to get them.


That picture is “The Scream” by Edward Munch.


6 responses to “The scream

  1. We call that mee-zah (I don’t know how to spell it in French) in Louisiana, all that mess of troubles. I have a feeling that word comes from the same one we got “misery” from.
    Hope you have a good week anyway and can relax next Labor Day weekend.

  2. Mee-zah – I like that word.

    You too Kitty – have fun at the wedding.

  3. Thanks Michele.
    Hey look at it this way. You have another Clay concert lined up for later this year.

  4. Yes, I do [smile] – thanks.

  5. Holy mother of Jesus, you ran out of cigs?

    What were you thinking?

  6. Apparently I was not thinking at all. Opened the pack – and “Oops. Gotta go.”

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