Oh Betty

  Who ‘s Your Inner Sexy Cartoon Chick ?  

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13 responses to “Oh Betty

  1. I am Tinkerbell.

    “Oh you’re a trouble-maker and quite a little tease. But you’re still absolutely irresistable and you can go “straight on till morning.”

    Hmm. Maybe “twinkle” was not such a good answer.

  2. Oh I am jealous – I played Tinkerbell in a play once.

  3. Ooh la la it must be new avatar day you and Kitty both have spif new avatars.

  4. Thanks Max. I figured it may be time to come out of the closet, so to speak – just a little.

    Kitty’s new avatar is cute as hell.

  5. They are both cute as hell.

  6. Why, thank you [smile].

  7. Yeah, Michele, cute new avatar. I can sort of see your new haircut, too.

  8. Thanks – you too Kitty.

  9. I too am Betty Boop. This quiz is deeply suspect, though, given that one cannot choose “boobs” as best body part…

    Yes, both Michele and Kitty are looking terrifically gorgeous in their new avatars…

  10. Should I admit that I hadn’t noticed boobs were missing Sulya?

  11. I also got Betty.

  12. Well you are a “sweet and wholesome” delicate flower

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