Bats, bugs, and the line that never ended


After the hype, here is the scoop on the Clay concert at the Biltmore last week.

Everything exceeded expectations.

We travelled to Asheville from Charlotte on Saturday [husband, myself, and 2 newbies – um, friends]. Spent the afternoon languidly walking around downtown Asheville in upwards of 95 degree heat. Asheville is larger than I thought it would be, and had tons of unique shops. We hit Izzy’s, a small coffee shop that serves frozen mochas that surpass Starbucks’ by far. I bought a stone necklace for $7 [no not at Izzy’s.] And I sheparded [read “rushed”] the group back to the hotel to change for dinner and sheparded [read “rushed” again] them out of the Fig Bistro [excellent macaroni fromage [read “upscale macaroni and cheese’] by the way] without letting anyone even think about ordering dessert so that we can get to the concert on time [read “an hour early”]. And husband called me “Clay Nazi.”  Yeah, so what?

I was right we had to park far away from the venue and take a shuttle bus to the Biltmore House.  The newbies got their first taste of Clay mania [not counting mine of course] in that parking lot – cars spray-painted with “Honk if you love Clay Aiken”, “Clay’s our angel”, “Clay mobile”… you get the picture.

The house, as you can see above, looked, well, like a castle.  Our seats were actually quite close to the stage.  As we watched the ball of the red sun set over the mountains, a man sitting next to my [male] friend started talking to him, and I knew that an attempted Clay-version was going on and husband and I tried our best not to watch – we had not warned him about this phenomenan.  

Clay came out and there was the usual screaming.  And he was hoarse, poor thing, but his voice warmed up over the night.  And the bats flew across the sky right over the stage.  So there was banter about the bats.  And attempts to cover the bright white teeth while singing so as to not attract the bats.  And a bug flew down into Angela’s [back-up singer’s] shirt [read tits] and she ran off.  And Clay made reference to the bug being lost down a black hole.

Oh, and I noted on my last review that he did not sing one of my favorite songs in New Jersey – and after intermission, I heard the first few notes of that song and screamed my ass off.  [Are you reading my blog, Clay?  Of course you are [humor me here].

Our friends were into the “whole experience”, so wanted to share the bus line event.  I have NEVER seen so many people on the bus line in my life.  Look at the picture above.  That is the lawn, and the bus was parked on the road, on the left there.  The line wrapped around that whole lawn, all four sides, and then down the middle for good measure.  We are talking thousands of people here.  Thousands.  And we waited.  We chatted with people in line.  One woman fainted and paramedics came and noone budged from that line. 

He came out at midnight.  And he touched every one of those peoples’ hands.  Every one. 


6 responses to “Bats, bugs, and the line that never ended

  1. “Newbies.”


  2. “And he touched every one of those peoples’ hands. Every one. ”

    Amazing. I just love it when these musicians keep in “touch” with their fan base. 30 Seconds to Mars are like that, they always do autograph signings and talk to the fans. They don’t have to do that, their records will continue to sell, but it is just great to know that some of these celebs out there love their fans in return and aren’t just in it to sell records.

    Sounds like it was a magical evening for you. Yay! Also think it is great that you have tickets to another show at the end of the year.

  3. Yeah Max, they were there for “research”, wanting to see what it is all about – and for a while there they were so immersed in the Clay frenzy it took them over, lol.

    Kitty, it is a great thing that he does this, he does not have to. If I were him and saw that line I would have freaked. I hate to admit this, but the morning after I had such a, I can’t explain it, like a “down” feeling like the excitement was over? So the news of a new concert going on sale the next day – well, I was in, again, lol.

  4. I know the feeling. LOL. I still have one concert lined up, Smashing Pumpkins in November.
    So wow, those tickets went on sale the next day? What timing. Did you luck out and get good seats like you’ve been getting?

  5. Home, sweet tiny home

  6. Actually, I got just okay seats Kitty – row 18. We crashed the venue’s website (again), and I ended up calling the box office in a frenzy and got voice mail. Ah – the stress. But the box office called me back soon after and I got row T center.

    Psicodelico, that house was built and lived in by the Vanderbilts – if it seems huge on the outside, it is even more so inside it took over 3 hours to tour and that was only 62 of over a hundred rooms. No wonder they opened it up for tourism. [It had no air conditioning either imagine touring that house at almost 100 degrees outside…]

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