Chloe, my father’s 17 year-old terrier, and his only companion since his wife passed away 4 years ago, has just left us.

He knew the day would come, but that did not make it any easier when it did.

He called me and left a heart-wrenching voicemail. He needed to take her to her final vet visit at 4 p.m.

Then he called my cell phone. I helped him the best I could, having gone through this with my cat a few years ago. Past the guilt. Past the “what if’s.” But – what do I really know? All I know is that he really loved that dog.

Chloe’s kidneys failed 2 days ago, the vet said. She could not walk anymore, had stopped eating, had stopped – everything. He was doing the “right” thing.

But that is logic. And this, this has nothing to do with logic, does it?


7 responses to “Chloe

  1. I’m so sorry Michele. I can’t say anything else. I’m sorry.

  2. So sorry Michele, I know how you worry about your father. This is so terrrible, these pets mean so much to them. Call him often and let him know you are there to listen.

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, Kitty, I have been calling him. He misses that dog.

  4. I am so sorry.

  5. I was just catching up on blogs, Michele, please add my sad and condolences to everyone elses. I agree with Kitty, too, check in on your pops often…

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