The Clay train departs – again


Here we go again.

To the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

This time we pick up 2 newbies on the way.

Our seats are in the 30th row or so I assume because it is row ZD.

It does not matter we will we be there under the stars, viewing the scenery – mountains, gardens, sunset, and the best scenery of all – Clay. 


6 responses to “The Clay train departs – again

  1. Oh la la. Sounds like a dream concert. Have fun girl. And get us some video of that Clay bus line.

  2. Holy shit – that bus line had over 2000 people I am not kidding!!!!!

    Tell ya about it tomorrow.

  3. Uh oh, the word got out about the busline.

  4. Yeah – it didn’t hurt that his bus was right out front this time for all to see – the venue had no place in the back for it to park,

    there was an “incident” where people got too close, rumor has it, and he had to stop, then decided to continue.

  5. Well I am sitting here waiting for the full story…

  6. It’s coming, it’s coming….

    [should I admit I bought new tickets yesterday for his Christmas concert? I am bad….]

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