Love in Paris


Last week husband and I were in NYC and had a few spare evenings to play with.  Instead of going to a Broadway play, we opted for a film that would never play where we live.

It was “Paris Je T’aime“, and, Paris lovers that we are, it sounded like it would be a great film.

It was.

18 short films about romance in Paris.  18 different directors, scores of great actors, and Paris, Paris, Paris.  Each short took place in a different neighborhood.  One (directed by the Coen brothers) took place on the metro.  One directed by Gus Van Sant took place in Le Marais.  The one that moved me the most was about two mimes, lonely and outcast, who fall in love.

If you like romance, and you like Paris, check out this film. If you like good film-making, check out this film. If you like moving stories, some with ironic twists, check out this film. It was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006.

  • above photo by Charles Marville

  • Hotel de la Marine, c. 1872-1876
    Diana Walker Fund


5 responses to “Love in Paris

  1. I like Gus Van Sant, though sometimes he has a kind of weird way to show things and explain characters. I believe it is exactly that “weird-ness” that gets me. So… when are we meeting at Paris?

  2. I saw the trailer for this online and totally want to see it. I suspect it will not make it here either… But, I could be wrong. We shall see. I totally wanted to see it before now I simply MUST!

    Oh, and when ARE we meeting in Paris? I am invited right?

  3. 5150 in Paris – that’s the plan, right? My place or Kitty’s, whoever gets a place there first.

    I think both of you would like this film, by the way. Perhaps it will come out on DVD.

  4. I saw something about this when they were making the film. Glad you reminded me of it.

  5. I think you would like this, Kitty.

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