Part II – the bus and Flat Clay

After the concert, husband and I mosied – okay, not exactly a mosey more like a trot – to the bus line.  As in “the bus” line. 

I have waited by the bus before, but this time, the line was [I am not exagerating here] 500-600 people long.  All waiting for a touch and a smile, a close-up look at Clay.

It was hot [90s] and humid [90s again].  Husband and I were standing under a street light when a woman came up to me and asked if she could stand there under the light with us so that Clay can see Flat Clay.  I told her “Only if I can take a picture.”  I did.


Flat Clay was carried by this couple all the way from Canada. He was almost life-sized, and the husband [hers, not mine] said they were stuck at Customs for 2 hours trying to get Flat Clay into the country. I thought my husband puts up with alot, this guy is a real keeper.

Jerome [the bodyguard] warned us against using flashes, and led all 500-600 of us across the parking lots and lined us up. It was getting late and these 4 women behind us were getting calls from their limo driver that the parking lot was closing at midnight and they told him to drive around they were not getting out of line now. And they told me that my husband is wonderful to wait with me. And husband said “What was that you just said?”

And then – the screams.

And then, he was here. He was moving fast. I put both hands out [like the last time] and there was no handshake this time it was more of a pat on the fingers thingy – but there was contact, brief as it was. And I went home happy. [Oh, and I forgot to wash my hands that night. And no – I do not care where those hands have been.]


5 responses to “Part II – the bus and Flat Clay

  1. It looks like Flat Clay has a halo. LOL.
    You will have to educate me on how you get to the tour bus area and how to get front row seats.

    Glad you got to touch Clay. It sounds like you had a fun packed evening. We are twins again, I just got back from a My Chemical Romance concert. I didn’t have such great seats. Not like in Paris. That makes 5 times I see them (should have been 6, but they didn’t show at Greenfield because they’d been hit by a tornado as they were setting up in Italy the night before.) Four of these were at festivals, so they only count half-way.

  2. Oh you didn’t know he has an actual halo, lol?

    How was the MCR concert? 5 concerts? You go, girl. I am heading to Clay concert #2 this weekend at the Biltmore Estate. My seats there are like in the 30th row, but any seat is a good seat, right?

  3. “And no – I do not care where those hands have been”. How did you know this question would pop up one way or another? LOL!

  4. I figured I would forestall it, lol.

  5. The concert was excellent. Spanky did a review of it for my blog.

    Hey, any seat is better than staying at home. : )

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