Hairdresser Dilemma


What do you do when your hairdresser goes out on maternity, and the one you go to, in the same salon, while she is away, is much better – and then the old one returns?

Do you go sacrifice your really good hair [so good that men at work compliment you on your new haircut how often does that happen?] to not hurt your old hairdresser’s feelings [okay, the old haircut was not that bad it was acceptable], or do you take the dirty looks when you walk in and go to the new hairdresser after the old one returns – like I did the other day only I was devious and scheduled the appointment on the day I know the old hairdresser is off – and I still got the dirty looks. And mumbled loudly about the fact that I am going away this weekend and today was the only day I could fit in a haircut [while co-conspirator husband buried his face in a magazine].

I fear I will have to go back to the old hairdresser next time. Sigh.  

Oh, and do not say go to another salon that is not an option – it took me 12 years to find a decent hairdresser in this town I can not go through another 12 years of bad haircuts interspersed with runs up to NYC to get them fixed. 


75 responses to “Hairdresser Dilemma

  1. If I were you, I’d go with the hairdresser who takes better care of my hair and I feel the most satisfied with. Besides, it’s your money and your head we’re talking about. Why would you have to explain yourself about what you do with your money? If that made me feel bad, I would take the old hairdresser aside and make it clear that it’s not personal, it’s just that the new hairdresser gives me a personal style that I like and that I would wish to stick with it for a while.

  2. You cop the bad looks from the old hair dresser and continue to book with the new hair dresser. There is not loyalty, just good and bad cuts.

  3. Hmmmm. Popcorn hull stuck in throat?

  4. Kitty that sounds like a commonly spammed term in email, similar to Cheap Rolexes or Discount Pharmaceutical Products.

  5. okay them are fightin’ words

  6. Cheap Rolexes, Clay lyrics, free ringtones, free iPods.
    Man o man.

  7. you know I know where you live right?

  8. Claymates, claymates, claymates!

  9. hey that is good for blog stats

  10. It is hard to miss my cardboard box. It is the brown one outside of the Walmart, two doors up from Taco Bell, three doors down from Subway. The one with the 6″ Teriyaki Chicken Subs for just $3.95 for the month of July.

  11. I am liking the 6 inches

  12. I do not know what the post is about I am just here for the tp party.

  13. the theme is, uh, guess.

  14. I think we should move to AJ’s

  15. Oh you too Kitty

  16. Oh no. We finish what we start.

  17. there there so you admit you started it – ah ha!

  18. Nooooo. You’re twisting my innocent words. I’m talking “we” as in all of us under your supervision from waaaaay back.

  19. I do not know from what you speak

  20. Wow, admissions of guilt?

  21. Yeah, Max, Michele just admitted (you have to read between the lines, she is slick I tell you, slick).

  22. sure seems like it

  23. Where is AJ? That slacker.

  24. Trouble, that girl is nothing but trouble.

  25. oh yeah, the theme for this party is strange search engine terms.
    Like “Popcorn hull stuck in throat.”

  26. again, funny girl.

    you know the original topic was my hairdresser dilemma and only Sophia and AJ have offered me the advice I was asking for.

    women with brains

  27. Okay I am not doing themes.

  28. Especially not themes about things stuck in girls’ throats. Jeez.

  29. choking ——————————————————————–>

  30. Well I suggest giving them a cheap Rolex.

    Hairdresser dilemma. I’ve had the same thing. I’m worse, I’ve gone through 4 stylists until I got the best one.

  31. I thought the stylist dillemma was solved with the hair style quiz?

  32. Okay, actual hairdresser advice. The hair stylist took her chances when she left. The new stylist is better. You have to wear the hair. You stick with the new stylist who does a better job, dirty looks are their problem, your hair is your problem.

  33. Well no my stylist came back from maternity and I liked her sub better and now cheat on her on her day off and get dirty looks

  34. Yeah, maybe. Then she did the 80’s song quiz and got a whole bunch of songs stuck in her head, and I got songs stuck in my head.

  35. Are you guys partying without me?

  36. I think I will stick with the new one.

  37. The new stylist is the sub.

  38. You should try Ray’s Barber Shop on Main St. He may only know one haircut but he is really good at it.

  39. Sophia! You are here just in time. Party on girlfriend.

  40. You stick with the sub.

  41. Hey Sophia!

    Yes, with the sub.

    TJ, lol – why does that sound scary?

  42. Jeesh, Sophia, about time.

  43. I just know AJ is gathering ammo. I know it.
    She’ll be back.

  44. Well, noone said anything about a party but I’ll have a drink or two anyway.

  45. Probably because he is a little crazy. I have been going there since I was a kid. I think he is pushing 90.

  46. it is Kitty and AJ’s fault. As usual.

  47. Michele, I think I know what you should do. Two words. Sinead O’Connor.

  48. Sophia, LOL

    Hey we are in chat if you want to stop in.

  49. Sinead O’connor, bald. Balding. Losing hair. man o man.

  50. yeah, soph, i haven’t chatted with you in 3 or 4 months, come join us.

  51. yeah Soph are you still here?

  52. Hey, thanks Max. I’ll stop in for a while. I know you’ve missed my accent. LOL!

  53. Yay! Party all over the internet tonight!

  54. jeez i was supposed to go to bed early tonite, my bad

  55. Oh, no, missy. You’re not going anywhere

  56. No I am waiting for you in chat

  57. where are you soph? You don’t have to dress fancy or put on make-up, just come on in.

  58. Sorry. I just went out to buy myself a new pair of shoes. I couldn’t walk in in my sneakers.

  59. white sneakers are allowed

  60. Hey, she is gone.

  61. Is she sleeping yet?

  62. She is. Can’t you hear the windows rattling?

  63. For what it’s worth, I second the Sinead O’ Connor comment.

    I shave my own head and it saves lots of money. Plus, it’s much cooler in the summer, I save time styling and I can shampoo with my palms (thereby using less shampoo, which, in turn, saves even more money).

    Sure, I may look like a small-headed monkey with mange, but look at the bright side: I never have to worry about girls tempting me into a torrid, adultrous affair in which I risk losing my dignity, my wife and children and half my stuff.

    So there you go.

    Hope this helps and that all is well.


  64. LOL Rochelle. I had Spanky ask one of her friends ask her dad if he used shampoo on his noggin. I always wanted to know but was too afraid to ask.
    One less question. Millions more where that came from.

  65. Hey Roch!

    The bald ‘do sounds great for you – not sure if it makes you safe from the girls though, I dated a balding guy once who insisted that bald guys are more virile…

    I will stick with hair for myself..

    take care –

  66. Rhonda Spetta

    Never feel that you are only to go to one stylist. I encourage my clients to have a “backup” stylist. There are vacations, maternity leaves, illness and other things that go on. We don’t own you.. you support us!!

  67. Thanks for that, Rhonda. I always feel like I am insulting my stylist if I change – and feel the need to “explain” if I go back to the old one.

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