A plan – October in Portsmouth


A while back I rambled about where to go on vacation this year.  The thought at the time was Canada.   Alas, there are passport issues – as in, ours have expired and there is probably little chance in getting them renewed by October with the backlog of months and months.

So.  I happened upon the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth in October.  It seemed interesting, and, well, New England in foliage season, and the lovely town of Portsmouth [where we stayed 2 years ago], and the fact that the same inn we stayed in had rooms available at reasonable rates – well, we are booked.  Yay! 

Films, after-parties, coffee houses, a great walking town – here we come.   


6 responses to “A plan – October in Portsmouth

  1. What is the circle in the background cloud cover of this photo?

  2. Interesting. That’s exactly what I first noticed on that photo.

  3. I did not take that photo – but I think it is the moon.

  4. Yeah, I was going with the sun.

  5. I’ve never been to New England in the fall. Always wanted to go. I bet it smells like apples that time of year.

    I hope you push that script while out there.

  6. It may be the sun AJ. Hard to tell.

    New England in the fall is beautiful. Yeah, Kitty, I will see about pushing the script – never know who will be there. Husband is really good with the schmoozing at parties – he’s pretty smooth, lol.

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