On a much lighter note…

I scored only 7.5 out of like 103 on this 80’s song lyric quiz, I do not know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

If you want to see if you can beat my sorry-ass score, have at it [this is a challenge…]


15 responses to “On a much lighter note…

  1. Um – husband got 65.5.

    I am chagrined.

  2. I got 74 (and proud, dammit, proud)
    A lot of Prince lyrics in there.

  3. Yay! You 80’s girl!

  4. I scored 7.5 too Michele. Well, we were not even born in the 80’s, were we? *whistles*

  5. Yay Soph!

    [I should have known these, sigh]

  6. I’ve got a lot of 80’s songs stuck in my head now.
    Especially “Blinded Me with Science.”
    You are in trouble now.

  7. LOL!

    It could be worse – I’ve got “Whip it, whip it good” – figures.

  8. I got 62.5. Like Kitty said, thanks to Prince.

  9. AJ, I didn’t know you liked Prince! Yay. (It helps me forgive you for liking James Blunt and hating Amy Winehouse.)

    Good, Michele, that’s perfect revenge for you to have that one stuck in your head.

    Here’s one for you to sleep on.

    Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, _____ Mickey, (clap clap) _____Mickey.

  10. Oops Michele, Ma Belle, (oh no) delete the comment from 10:10 please.

  11. AJ – you rock too.

    Kitty – f—! [at least I didn’t catch it till this morning!)

    Oh there is a big article in the NY Times today on Prince.

  12. This does not make me forgive your for The Police, Kitty. Actually, it is more Sting in general. The Police did have some catchy little numbers. So if you dislike him solo, we are good.

  13. My eyes, my eyes. You did not write that you dislike The Police. You did not.
    Sting, the fabulous thing? I could never dislike him. Evah.

  14. 49.5 – speeding through and no cheating – well a little (smile) Much better than i expected actually…

    That was a fun one Michele…

  15. Not a bad score at all Sulya. Yeah, it was fun, but some pretty bad songs crept into my subconsious[sp?] and stayed there for days.

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