In one week, and one hour, I shall have the best seat in the house.

I could not help myself – I had to watch the clack.  So, I’m sharing.

Lyrics by Clay Aiken, music by David Foster


8 responses to “Countdown

  1. That’s Clay Aiken ? Skinny American Idol Clay Aiken ? Whoa ! I would never have recognized him . Impressive song and performance . Time to check him out .

  2. Beautiful song, Michele. That camera in tight enough for you, girl?

    I hope he plays the best concert for you ever.

  3. I think it’s one of his best songs. Yeah, whoever taped that got really close – and didn’t exactly get his best angle, but, I’ll take it anyway. I’ll be almost as close this week – seat is just 8 feet from the stage.

  4. Is 8 feet an arm’s reach? [sorry, we do centimeters here 🙂 ]

  5. Lol Soph – if one had really long arms. If I lay at his feet it would be in arm’s reach.

  6. Oh I just saw this review about this –

    “Aiken’s strongest moment was his performance of Lover All Alone, for which he wrote the lyrics. In spite of jarring intonation problems from his guitarist, he loosened his grip on the polished, practiced stage manner and truly connected with his own soul.

    And for those few minutes, the squealing fans, the strong-willed women, the devoted husbands and the rest of the audience fell absolutely silent in appreciation.” – Lynn Green, The Columbus Dispatch

  7. Thanks for your sharing via video.

  8. You are welcome, Novi.

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