A random catastrophe


The 21 year-old man, home from college for the summer and working as an intern, was returning home from watching the July 4th fireworks, the early morning of July 5th.  He exited the highway onto a secondary road when a car careened over the grassy divider, flew into the air, and landed on top of his car.  He was killed instantly, 2 miles from home.  The other driver was intoxicated.  He survived.

The killed man is the son of a guy I work with.  He wrote to us as at work yesterday, saying that it was the worst fate that can happen to any family and he will always be haunted, wondering,  if his son was one second earlier or later…   And it made me think of aj’s post about fate

He comes back to work on Monday.  I cannot even imagine the pain this family must feel.  I am at a loss as to what to say to him. 


2 responses to “A random catastrophe

  1. I have a friend who got killied on the way home from a nightclub. A drunk driver passed a redlight going about seventy and slammed right into him. A passenger in the drunk guys car also got killed. Only the drunk survived. I always think about how if my friend had just stayed for one more beer he’d still be alive.

    You don’t have to say much to your friend, just “I’m sorry” or anything to let him know you are there to listen if he wants to talk.

  2. It makes you wonder if only….

    I am afraid I will tear up…

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