Little flying things!


I am out on the screen porch this morning, reading.

A little bug with wings flies onto the paper.

And then another.  And another.  They are all over the fucking place.  Now 2 are floating in my coffee.  Ahhh!

My memories of traumas past – returns. 

Termites!!!!!  On. The. Porch!

Oh, hell. 


7 responses to “Little flying things!

  1. I hate ants. All kinds of ants. I am evil too.

    When I can smell the rain, just a few minutes before it starts, I grab our ant kill and run to the letterbox, simultaneaously the ants run to our letterbox, to safe haven themselves from the rain about to begin.

    Then, surprise attack! AJ piles in the ant kill dust and kills generations of the little fuckers.

    Life as we know it is restored.

  2. Lol. I smashed them with paper towels.

  3. Don’t get the gazillion dollar in-ground termite traps installed by an exterminator (with follow-up visits and maintenance contracts). We had that done and they still show up on the first hot day of spring and we break out the flying insect spray and the paper towels. We call the exterminator and they have some bogus excuse.

  4. A paper towel isn’t enough, Michele. Those bastards do not give up fighting back. It takes a flamethrower, a nuclear bomb, Gostbusters themselves. I. Hate. Bugs.

  5. Surely something must be done. Sigh.

  6. I didn’t know you had termites that far north. I hope they haven’t made it into your house.

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