Robo bunnies

Last week, we passed a robot store on Spring Street in Soho.

In the window – there was a robo bunny, not just a plain robo bunny – a smoking robo bunny. It reminded me of the workshop.  

Husband goes inside to ask “how much?”

The guy says “4320.” Not as in $43.20, but $4320. “Including tax.”

So I took a picture.


Oh, and there were baby robo bunnies too.



16 responses to “Robo bunnies

  1. Those are awesome, Michele. Just knowing they exist is a thing of beauty. Hope you had a good 4th and time in your properly designated smoking room!

  2. They were cute.

    I had a great week. Lots of surreal moments…

  3. Must. Have. Robo. Bunny.

  4. So, now I have to ask. What is it that smoking robot bunny does so unique that it has to cost THAT??? Were the babies bunnies any cheaper? Oh, and that big bunny is definitely not a good parent role model; he should have taught the little ones that smoking inside a store is not allowed under any circumstances.

  5. Are you going to tell Robo Bunny he cannot smoke in the store? Let me know before you do it there might be automatic weapons included.

  6. [ps : i am distraught i cannot find robo bunny on google]

  7. I am baffled.

  8. My comment for this post went over to the 8 Random things post.
    I was wondering why there were comments about shoes and kept scrolling back to the top of the post…
    Okay, your blog is haunted.

  9. Oh, those robo bunnies are the best. I think they move around like robots but did not see them in action.

    Soph, I did not even ask the price of the baby bunnies – if the mama bunny was that much, I could only imagine the babies being – what – $2000? Husband was ready to buy at $43.20 though, lol.

  10. Kitty, yeah, that happens some times – what’s up with that?

  11. Hey – the little ones are reasoanble –

    Max – here is the link –

  12. Yay! Thank you. I am so in love with the robo bunnies.

  13. Me too. When I read the product info, it does not say they move – I wonder if they just puff?

  14. $4000 for a puff?? Sheesh, tobacco is really expensive over there!

  15. Funny you should say that….

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