Not smoking


The hotel reservations got screwed up.

We are to be in a non-smoking room for 4 days in a city that does not allow smoking in any restaurant or bar or really anywhere but out on the street.

I called.   All I got was “we will put down your request but there are no smoking rooms available at this time we can see what is open when you get here.”

 Oh.  My.  God.  This could be very unpleasant.


9 responses to “Not smoking

  1. Oh. My. God.

    Four. Days?

    Find another hotel.

  2. If I hadn’t already strong-armed the boss into staying at this hotel and if she wasn’t unreachable now because she is on vacation and if it wasn’t July 4th week with all the other hotels likely booked…

    I will have to just do my best to charm the hotel staff when I get there to do something – upgrade me, something…

  3. That is more leverage. That is two reservations you can pull. Yell. A bunch. Ask for a manager. Do it now. You do not want to be standing at a desk for this. You made your reservations in advance and the hotel fucked up and is about to cause you misery and you brought them a second reservation. They owe you.

  4. Yeah, I will call again. I stay at that hotel often too, I have brought them business on other occasions as well.

  5. Ha, I’d just smoke in it anyway. Most hotels have de-smoke machines to clean the air after a smoker has left the room.
    Or buy some Eclipse ciggies. They hardly have any smell and there are no ashes.

  6. Don’t think I didn’t bring that option up, lol. Husband [who smokes too by the way] was appalled, the solid upstanding citizen that he is.

  7. So I called the hotel again and got a smoking room – woo hoo!

    They upgraded the room and charged me $7.00 less. Go figure.

  8. Whew. Tragedy averted. I think they owe you for pain and suffering though that was traumatic even for me.

  9. I am glad I called again today.

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