8 random things

bulletin-board.jpg  Max told me she tagged me but I did not believe her [silly me].  Here are my 8 random things:

  1. I have 75 pair of shoes.  But always wear the same 2 or 3.

  2. I did not learn how to drive until I was 23.  I failed my first driving test because I ran a stop sign.  I argued with the guy that it was too high.  The next time, I wore a mini skirt.  The tester was a woman. 

  3. I worked for FEMA in California summers when I was in college – looking for fallout shelters and re-lo sites.  I had to get the names of the people I interviewed – often I would use the name plates rather than ask.  I went back to the office one day to document my surveys, and found in my notes -“Nosmo King.”

  4. I never change my jewelry.  Ever.

  5. I had a crush on my Assembler teacher.  I was 23, he was 24.  One night my friends Kathy and Susan and I walked around Queens chugging down a bottle of Susan’s grandpa’s homemade wine and rang the crush’s doorbell.  His mother came to the door.  I do not remember the convo.

  6. I know how to play mah-jongg.  I do not know how to spell it.

  7. I used to have freckles.  They disappeared.

  8. My car is 15 years old and has 230,000 miles on it.  It is still going strong.

Most of the bloggers I know have already been tagged.  Sigh.


13 responses to “8 random things

  1. It is ironic to me when I say things for real people think I am making it up and when I make things up people think I am saying something for real.

  2. I thought you were teasing, lol. My bad…

  3. Seventy five pairs of shoes!?!?!?! Holy shit Michele, you are rivalling some museums.

  4. You ever look at your shoes and say “Oh, I remember those”? That is life with 75 pair of shoes.

  5. For 4320 that robo bunny ought to come with a lifetime supply of smokes. And not just ciggies for him, either.

    How was your trip?

  6. Hey, the little ones are like $39.95 – perhaps husband was right, he thought the guy said $43.20, lol.

    I had a great time. The “camping” was fun, and spent some time with the ex-boyfriend and his wife and kids. There were some funny moments there – [as in humorous].

  7. As in you mocking the overweight wife of the ex? :::whistling:::

    Hey, if you got two little ones at $39.95 each and made sure one was male and one was female in a few months they would be all grown up and churning out robo bunny babies and you would be totally in the cash.

  8. As in – it got real interesting because of the rain. It’s a long story that needs to be reserved for chat.

    Are you gonna get one? I may. The white ones are sold out online but I saw them in the NY store and it looks like there is a store in LA too – in Melrose. I am not sure about the green…

  9. I am putting a little white one on my “when principal photography starts” list.

  10. What if, I’m just saying, what IF the two little ones were brother and sister? Wouldn’t intercourse of any sort be illegal and potentially dangerous?

  11. Any robo bunny intercourse going on in my house could be dangerous

  12. I’m remembering the robot dog from Sleeper. Hopefully the robo bunnies wouldn’t be leaving little batteries on the carpet.

  13. I do not remeber Sleeper all that well – is that Woody Allen?

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