There is a new play that got such good buzz it is moving to Off Broadway.

“Idol: The Musical” is a “satirical look”at the Clay-mania phenomenon. [I know nothing of this.]

According to Broadwayworld.com –

“The musical takes place in Steubenville, Ohio where a group of dork-like students are preparing for their high school graduation after which they are determined to drag themselves out of the dregs of the middle-of-nowhere.  There are eight of them; all belonging to the same cult-like club that meets daily in a barn that doubles as a shrine to Clay Aiken…”[I can not relate.]

One of the eight kids is Emily. “She is the leader of the band of misfits, standing stoic at her emperor like podium and speaking down to the others with a wound-up, school marm sense of order and protocol. A beehive on her head and dressed like a reject from a late night Cinemax movie, her passion for Clay often overwhelms her, throwing her into frenzied fits of unbridled lust, even in public places. Behind her closeted exterior, a dormant dominatrix lies, only brought out in private moments between her and her bust of Clay Aiken, her one and only love, or so she thinks.”[I have never met a person like this Emily in my life.]


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  1. Hey it’s Emily.

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