The face gets flushed.

Sweat drips down the vast space between the breasts.

This is not sexy, this is me driving home in my non-airconditioned car that I refuse to pay $800 to fix. In 97 degrees.

This was yesterday.

Last night I get home and husband is upset. It seems that the airconditioning for the whole upstairs has gone.

So we will be hot until Friday when the repair man comes.

The good news is it has cooled down today – to 87.



11 responses to “Hot

  1. What is this? The How To Drive in the Middle of Burning Hell in an Non-Airconditionted Car Week? I have the exact same problem, Michele. I end up taking the bus, for at least those damned vehicles are air-conditioned. Only that it’s 99 here and they say it’s rising up to 109.5 next week. Anyone interested in visiting Aj?

  2. I am thinking seal off upstairs like Pharoah’s tomb and sleep downstairs.

  3. You too? 109.5 – holy shit! Well, at least you have a bus – although I am not sure if I would go anywhere close to outside in that temp.

    It is probably snowing by Aj. Sigh.

  4. We already sleep downstairs it is the office upstairs where the PC is that is the issue. That and the fact that the whole center of the house is open to the upstairs.

  5. I suppose a fan would be totally useless. Well, it’s never too late for you and hubbie to… rekindle the sparks of your love by paying a five-star hotel a visit. Make sure their air-conditioners work, though.

  6. I am in agony for you michele. Heat like that is the devil. I would lie on the floor in your basement and don’t let any of your limbs touch.

    Oh, and stay hydrated….

  7. Oh I will just suffer through it. [perhaps it will help to um – get naked?]

  8. Get naked and rub down with ice. It will be sexy.

  9. Don’t ask me what I am wearing in chat tonite…

  10. Oh. My. God.

    Now I will keep having flashes of naked Michele at the computer every time you say something in chat.

    Way to use subliiminal suggestion evil one.

  11. Lol. Here I come… beware….

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