Flying sturgeon

riva.jpgIt’s a quiet day in Florida on the Suwannee river.  Boats.  Jet Skis. 

A woman on a jet ski is minding her jet ski business when an 8 foot bony sturgeon flies out – okay leaps out – of the river and smacks into her face.  Knocks her unconscious.

Woman and sturgeon are doing fine.

I did not make this up.  I heard this one day last week on NPR

Apparently this happens 8 to 10 times per year, this leaping sturgeon thing.  The interviewer asked if this happens per chance with other fish.  The guy [some official I do not recall who] said, yes, actually.  He himself has been hit in the face by a flying mullet.

[You can listen to this on NPR at the above link.  But I pretty much covered it.]

How this may relate to me in any fashion whatsoever?  I had no idea sturgeon grew in Florida – no wonder so many of my relatives moved down there.


2 responses to “Flying sturgeon

  1. It’s not like either of us have lots of relatives in Alaska or Nova Scotia.

    Did the sturgeon have malpractice insurance? (sorry)

  2. For some reason I always thought sturgeon was imported from Russia. Like caviar?
    Malpractice insurance, lol.

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