The meet without the greet

You all know about the Clay love by now.  That I am attending two of his concerts this summer.

Well, today I get this message from the fan club:

“Signups for Meet and Greet events are now available for upcoming “An Evening with Clay 2007” tour performances! Six lucky winners will be chosen at random for each meet and greet.   If you are planning to attend an upcoming show, enter now so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to meet Clay!”

Yay!  [Of course I entered]

You may not know that I won a Meet & Greet almost two years ago. 

I was not a blubbering idiot.  No.  Far worse.  I could not speak.  Could. Not. Speak.

Clay (signing autograph) – “Where are you from?”

Me (trembling) – “[where I’m from]”

Clay (smiling, dreamy) – “Wow you travelled a long way to get here!”

Me – (more trembling) – “Yes.”

He signs.  Comes up next to me, puts his arm around me for the picture.  This is with my new camera of course.

That hand is big and hot on the small of my back.  This is all I am thinking about.  That hand.  On. My. Back.

It takes 3 times for that camera to work.  

At one point Clay says (in southern accent) “Go on over there [to Mary the manager] and show her how to work your camera.”

Me – thinking – this a new camera I have no idea how it works – well I go over there.  Me – “Press the button.”

I go back to Clay.

That hand again.

It works.  I walk shakily over to Mary.  Take my camera.  Go over to the table to collect my pocketbook, coat. 

Clay comes right up to me.  He is carrying something.  He looks me right in the eyes.  God he has such green eyes.

Clay – “You forgot this.”

It is the autograph.

Clay-  “Thank you so much for coming all the way from…”

Me – nothing.  Absolutely.  Nothing.

I leave.

I read the autograph –


If I win, I will try to take him up on that this time.  I will, damn it.


9 responses to “The meet without the greet

  1. “Use your voice”? LOL! At least we know that the man has a good sense of humor. Good luck with that Meet & Greet thing, Michele. Let us know how it went.

  2. Yeah, Soph, how, shall I say, appropos? [sp?]

    I think he writes that to everyone though.

  3. I think you will actually string a sentence together this time. Or I am hoping so.

  4. If you get your second chance, you will dazzle. I have no doubt.

    One of the few times I got to meet a performer I totally admired I had a little voice at the back of my head that said, “Dial down the crazy. Dial down the crazy.” The whole time I was talking to her. Whatever gets ya’ through right? [wink]

  5. hey, honey, that last comment was mine – i wasn’t logged in and didn’t realize it until it was too late…

  6. “Dial down the crazy” – LOL!

    AJ, if I win I will have to practice speaking in full sentences. They seem to fail me at key moments.

  7. Hi, I just stumbled across your page.

    I met Clay back in September of 2006, at the Virgin CD signing in Hollywood, CA.

    Not as intiment as a M&G, but still…

    I did the same thing you did…I FREAKED OUT.

    I was fine while waiting in line outside, but once I was in the store and I could SEE him I started trembling, really, really bad.

    I had written my name before hand on a sheet of paper, so think GOODNESS I didn’t have to tell him my name.

    I had him sign the center fold of the most recent People magazine article and he checked with me what side I wanted signed he was like “Sara, is this the side you want me to sign on?” and I think I somehow managed a “Yeah….?” and he signed it and thanked me and I walked away and started to cry. 🙂 LOL.

    I’ve been dying for a meet and greet ever since then, but I can’t even say I would be CALM during it because I probably wouldn’t.

  8. What that boy does to grown women. Makes us weak..

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