The English Rose


It is hard to believe that we are coming to the 10th anniversary of the untimely death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

I, over the years she was alive, became a Diana-holic. I got up at 5 am to watch the fairytale wedding. I watched her interview about the end of her marriage, when she said “it was a bit crowded – there were 3 of us in this marriage.”  I was watching Saturday Night Live the night the breaking news came on that she had been in a car accident in Paris but that she was okay. I woke up the next morning to the shocking news of her death. And although I did not know her, I cried. At the masses of people displaying their enormous grief in the streets of London. At the mountains and mountains of flowers left outside the gates of Kensington Palace.  I cried all alone in the dark at 4 am, while watching her funeral. At the car carrying her through the streets of London, a note “Mummy” on top of it. At Elton John singing “Goodbye English Rose.” At the boy’s choir singing “Make me a Channel of your Peace.”

I cried because she moved me – in her life and in her death.

And now, on it’s 10th anniversary, she is all over the media again. Interviews with Princes William and Harry to be aired on Monday. A new book by Tina Brown. A concert in her memory, organized by her boys, to air on July 1.

And I will watch and read it all.

Because – she moved me. She moved a lot of people.

Picture from Vogue, 1997, Mario Testini.


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  1. Remember Jack Cassidy??

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