Chop Suey

Sometimes I ramble. I have not done too much of that on the blog [some may disagree] but today is my birthday so I am allowed to just ramble. Just today.

Last night my sister called. She lives in NYC – well, 30 minutes north, but it is still NYC in my mind – I live hundreds of miles away now. She has company and called to ask me where to take said company to shop for clothes in NYC. It just boggles my mind that we are from the same mother [and father]. Me the consummate shopper, she the “where do I shop for clothes?” sister. After I told her specific stores, specific floors, specific times to go, directions on how to get there by subway [which is also so different I am a cab girl], and then where to eat lunch and dinner and how to dress for said lunch and dinner, she says “Thank you. Are you jealous?”

Husband and I ate dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant last night and talked vacation. As in, where should we go. We have not been on a real vacation, and by real I mean one that is more than a long weekend or one that is far away, in years. We are talking Canada in October. That is as narrowed down as we have gotten so far. We stopped at Carvel for ice cream cones and came home and looked at a map of Canada. And decided, heck, Canada is big.

Tonight I go to a barbeque at the house of – I will not say friends I will say acquaintances. We were invited a few weeks ago, and although not connected to the birthday we are going. There will however be friends there. And bosses – the boss, the boss’s boss, the boss’s boss’s wife. There will be lots of wine. I will try to behave.

And now – it is way early in the morning and husband is still asleep but when he wakes up, and after I join him on the porch for coffee and a smoke, there will be presents. Yay!

That picture is “Chop Suey” by Edward Hopper.  I love Edward Hopper pictures.


14 responses to “Chop Suey

  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!

    I hope that smoke and coffee were followed by lovely gifts and lots of love and wish you many happy returns of the day!

    Incidentally, I am that sister who doesn’t really know where to go. Especially not in NYC. I am a shopping guerilla. I kind of storm in to a place once things have gotten threadbare, barrel violently through the stock looking for what I need, buy at least three of the same thing once I find something that fits and make note of sizes. Then, when I need them again, I go into the same store on little assaults/strikes and just buy my size without trying anything on.

    Every once in a great while I will try on and buy something out-and-out pretty but not often. I find my pretty clothes spend most of their time mocking me from the closet or from the ‘hand wash” part of my laundry. “You’re never going to where/wash me. You wasted valuable money stupid girl. ”

    Oh, and yes. Canada is huge. Montreal is probably the city that is the most fun, cosmopolitan, if you’re thinking East and plenty of people speak English there so no worries. Great Restaurants, pubs, cool shops – great walking. Then, though I haven’t done it myself it is said to be fabulous, to drive up the coast of Quebec to the Gaspé. It’s supposed to be exquisite. English is a little more rare there but I can ask my friend for you if you’re curious about any of this, she still lives in Montreal and has done most of these trips. Just say the word.

    If you’re looking for totally stunning nature-wise and EXCELLENT food – you should fly to Vancouver. Beaches, Water, all kinds of different walking. So many great restaurants. It’s gotten a little better for shopping but still always at least a couple years behind. Walking is not quite as urban feeling but it can still be fun and beautiful. Great snacks along the way. If you like to hike at all there’s lots to do (I’m not much of a hiker). The weather can get a bit wet but Fall is usually beautiful…

    Anyway – talk about rambling [smile] I will shut up now.


  2. Thanks, Sulya!
    Funny you should mention Quebec and the Gaspe peninsula. We were considering that this morning – Montreal, Quebec, the Gaspe – that town Perce at the tip looks pretty interesting. I speak a tad of French – I took it in school for 7 years – not much, but enough to get around. Also we have been considering the polar bear migration in Churchill. Husband has wanted to do that for years. And, like you, I am definitely NOT a hiker, not a camper either, lol. We have been to western Canada – not Vancouver but Vancouver Island and I loved it there. Loved Victoria. I will let you know if we decide to do the Quebec thing. We are so fickle that this morning we started talking about Iceland too.

  3. Presents, yay!

  4. I wish I had a sister to even remind me that I need to go shopping. Even more, to be brilliant enough as to pass directions on. It feels that if you couldn’t give your sis this bit of info, it just wouldn’t be you. LOL!! Go ahead and ramble on. It’s your day. You deserve it.

  5. I will sub in here, Sophia: Psst, Sophia, you need to go shopping.

  6. Oh yes – presents. 3 tops and a hot little dress that fits me! And husband went to 4 different stores, lol.
    Sophia, if I recall correctly, there are lots of nice little boutiques in Athens…

  7. Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Haaapy Biiirthday dear Micheeeellleeeeeee…
    Happy Birthday to you.

    I realise that wasn’t American Idol worthy, but I still sing a damn good Happy Birthday, you can’t deny it.

  8. And you think those birds took flight because of Dash, hmm?

  9. Thanks aj! That was a great Happy Birthday, lol!

    Birds? What birds?

  10. Are you two reminding me to go shopping… discreetly? LOL!!! You are hilarious.

    So, Michele, how was your birthday, really?

  11. It certainly wasn’t my singing Miss Adams. Unless those birds felt threatened that a new bird with a better whistle had just cruised into town.

  12. “Unless those birds felt threatened that a new bird with a better whistle had just cruised into town.”

    Definitely that was it.

  13. Hey Soph, my b-day was great. Too much food though – I gained weight that I am trying to lose again.

    oh those poor birds.

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