Two days and counting

Saturday will be my birthday.

I am not going to tell how old – other than I am older than the number of candles in this picture. [yes there are only 10 candles here.]

I share this b-day with Peter the Great, Johnny Depp, Cole Porter, Michael J. Fox, Natalie Portman, and Donald Duck.

But this day will be mine.  To eat anything I want, party with friends, perhaps get some new clothes from husband. 

Until then I will fret over how and when the hell I got this old.  Sheesh, I don’t look…   


6 responses to “Two days and counting

  1. Happy Birthday, Michele. Smooch!

  2. Thank you Max!

  3. Happy almost-birthday!
    I know how many, but I’m not telling….

  4. Thank you – and shush!

  5. Happy happy birthday, Michele!!! Have a bite of your birthday cake for me.

  6. Thanks, Soph! [I had lots of bites of cake yesterday..]

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