Toxic Toothpaste

toothpaste.jpg Last week there were rumblings about a toxin found in toothpaste manufactured in China and found on the shelves in drugstores in South America.   The toxin is “diethylene glycol”, used in antifreeze. 

Today, the New York Times reports – guess what?  These toothpastes have been found on the shelves of stores in the U.S.  Some even have the toxin on the ingredient list – some – do not.  According to the Times, “the FDA warns that the Chinese toothpastes have a “low but meaningful risk of toxicity and injury” to children and people with kidney or liver disease.”

The FDA warning lists the brand names impacted.   Says to discard these.  If it is not one of the listed brands, look at your toothpaste label.  If it is made in China – throw it out.  If the ingredient list contains certain chemical names [these are listed on the FDA warning too] – throw it out.

So, first pet food.  Then cough syrup.  Now toothpaste. 


5 responses to “Toxic Toothpaste

  1. Well, yikes and crikey on this one… Forunately i cannot use toothpaste with sodium lauryth sulphate in it so I only buy ridiculously overpriced natural toothpastes… My son’s is specialty for toddlers… I will just have to check on the other half’s tootpaste… Man… In a darker hour I can think this is the beginnings of a more sinister chemical warfare.

    But, then I do read an awful lot of sci-fi…

  2. Surely we are living in a Batman show and the Joker has set up mysterious combos of hygiene products that when used in tendem will kill us with stinging stretched smiles….

  3. It sure is becoming a scary world. I of course ran to read all of the toothpaste labels in the house.

  4. Even worse, now there was a recall on tubes labeled as Colgate:

  5. Shit. I use Colgate.

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