Still a yankee!


[Only 5% southern speak has crept in after over 10 years in the South. Must be the occasional “y’all” that slips out.]

Your Linguistic Profile:
40% General American English

35% Yankee

10% Upper Midwestern

5% Dixie

0% Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?


8 responses to “Still a yankee!

  1. 60% General American English

    15% Dixie

    15% Yankee

    5% Upper Midwestern

    0% Midwestern

  2. Ten years? I had no idea you’d been there that long.

  3. Nice score Max. I gather General American English is the one with less regional accents?

    Kitty it’s really been over ten years it is coming up to 15. It is hard to believe I have been here so long.

  4. BruddahBob

    40% General American English

    40% Yankee

    15% Dixie

    0% Upper Midwestern

    0% Midwestern

    Hey, Michele. I’m more Southern than you. Or, musical wiseass Robbie Fulks would say, “countrier than thou”. As in:

    You weren’t raised in a shack
    So you better not act
    Countrier than thou

    Although that survey didn’t seem to be especially strong mathematically, since nobody’s linguistic profile seemed to add up to 100%.

    Plus at least one typo.l

  5. I would do this test but the fact remains, I am an Aussie.

  6. BruddahBob, I am appalled that a Brooklyn boy has 15% Dixie how the hell did that happen?

    Oh aj you should take the test for fun.

  7. bruddahbob

    It must be them dern internets.

  8. Okay you are speaking Dixie AND up at 8 am – I am so confused.

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