Trapped in Clay mania

areahotel_mainpic.jpgIt is Monday morning.  Really early, I mean 8 am early, and there will be a fan presale for the hottest Clay concert this summer [at the Biltmore Estate, hence the castle picture] at 9:30 am.  There are 49 pages of ticket stress for this particular concert on the fan club’s message board.  10,000 fans vying for 2500 seats. 

I must say I have succumbed.  I have to get 4 seats, as 2 friends in NC want to go to their first Clay concert, and this one is outside overlooking the NC mountains, and sunset, oh, well, who would not want to go to this one?

So I sit here, at 8 am, when I know damn straight that the sale does not start until 9:30 and what do I do?

Refresh.  Refresh.  Refresh….

I am a maniac.

Update: after being held in the “virtual waiting room” for half an hour, then getting through to select tickets, and getting a message that the site is busy, keep trying, and having kept trying 30 more minutes, I got 4 tickets in row ZD.  ZD!!! There is no seating chart, so my best guess is this is row 30.  I took them anyway.  Had to.

Image from the Biltmore Estate 




10 responses to “Trapped in Clay mania

  1. Your dedication as a fan to this guy is truly second to none.

  2. LOL. I didn’t know I had it in me…

  3. You are really going to attend a concert at this castle? Wow, Michele, I hope you got an extra ticket because I’m coming too. Not for Clay (sorry, I leave all the drooling and perving on you. LOL!) but for this beauty in this picture. Awesome!

  4. Drooling and perving? lol. Well, perving maybe… I do not drool.

    This is going to be great.

  5. Congrats Michele. A triumph if ever there was one. We must all have our pervy moments, I think… And you get to have yours in a castle no less… Not bad, not bad at all.

  6. Actually I get 2 times to swoon – once in New Jersey, with front row center seats 8 feet from the stage [I am weak already], and just when I recover, 2 weeks later, outside on the terrace of this castle. Then I will be spent.

  7. Oh, I know the feeling. LOL. But I haven’t lucked up on good tickets for my mania like you have.
    You’ll have to show me the ropes, girl.

  8. Well it’s funny – I tried much harder to get those row 30 tickets than I did to get the first row tickets – they were just luck I guess.

  9. You know, I never did mention this, but a while back I did a post on getting good tickets, or how I thought to go about getting good tickets. I had details about different fan clubs and prices, etc. and then you left a comment on your thoughts about that. About 4-6 weeks later, there was a Rolling Stone article about the same thing and that guy used my same examples. Pretty coincidental. Hmmm.

  10. There must be some Rolling Stone guy reading your blog. That’s cool. Stealing examples – not so cool.

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