The sexy… collarbone?

vote07_trapzfcuk.jpgIt is all about trapeze dresses and collarbones this spring.  So says the New York Times, which goes on and on about that collarbone. [heck that article is archived already, so trust me on this.]

What is a trapeze dress?  A throwback to the 50’s, it is tighter on top and flows out, away from the body. 

Which is fine, I guess, but I just lost 20 pounds and if I want to be in fashion [I like to wear the latest trends it is a flaw that has stayed with me since my teen years when it really mattered], then here I am hiding my newly svelte bod under layers of flowy fabric.  And this is where the sexy clavicle comes in.

Um.  I am not so sure about this I do not look at clavicles much, do you?  Unless there is some fine piece of jewelry sitting there…



2 responses to “The sexy… collarbone?

  1. Well those dresses are made for a specific kind of figure. Like, six feet tall, at least a C cup, and very long arms and legs and also a specifically structurd collar bone.

  2. Yet they try to sell these to everybody. Me, I don’t like the thought of a stiff wind coming by while wearing this.

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