Is there anything left to eat?

wagon.jpg If you have been following the pet food fiasco, you may know that the culprit is melamine, a chemical posing as protein. 

Well.  There have been reports lately on CNN [okay CNN likes to scare people it is their business to shout out scary news just when you come home from work and turn on the TV to relax] that this melamine has now been traced to the food fed to pigs.  So.  Pork – out.  Then, they added chicken.  Then yesterday – farmbred fish.  So – chicken, fish – out.  I would think about becoming a vegetarian [okay not seriously] but, you know – the spinach, the lettuce?  Perhaps the answer is pasta.  Seriously – we have a problem in this country if we cannot keep our own pets and people safe from poisonous food. 


2 responses to “Is there anything left to eat?

  1. IMHO until we stop over processing our food chain these scare will continue – we must get away from this “chemicalisation” of food…for us OR our pets

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