Hair crazy

So I took this quiz – “the ideal hairstyle for you” –

Um, this is the hairstyle I have now.  Who knew? 

Your Ideal Hairstyle:

Sliced Layers

What Women’s Hairstyle Is Right For You?


7 responses to “Hair crazy

  1. Hmm. It says my hairstyle should be heavy bangs.

  2. That’s interesting – wonder how that would look?

  3. I kind of like that hairstyle — they mean the long bangs on either side of the face, not forehead bangs– but I worry my jaw would look too wide with that.

  4. There should be a program to try various hairstyles out on a person’s picture. I wonder if one exists.

  5. If it is out there Zee probably knows where it is. The best way to try hairstyles though is to go to a wig store.

  6. My ideal hairstyle is “Sexy Waves”. The pic reminded me of Drew Barrymore in Charlies Angels when she was wearing that Blonde wig, which, well, freaks me out a little.

  7. I saw that pic – it looked cool that cut.

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