What’s up?

cornellis.jpg photo26_thumb.jpg I heard a song one day that I have not heard in years and it reminded me of Beth, a college roommate of mine senior year when I lived in an off-campus apartment with her and 2 other girls [Ellen and Bobbi].   The last time I saw her we had too many margaritas in some bar in Manhattan on a weeknight before we went our own ways in the working world of NYC.  Maybe 15 years ago?

And I wonder.  I had a lot of good friends in college.  Some in high school too.  And if life had not taken us different ways we would probably still be friends but I do not even know where the hell they are now.  And I would like to say, “What’s up?”

So.  Here is an experiment.  Sometimes people google themselves [I have been known to do this.]  I am going to list the names of some old friends that I have “lost.”  If you find yourself on this list, please comment.  I would love to catch up with you.

[My name is Michele by the way…]

And, yeah, those pictures on the top?  The left one is college, the right one is high school.

Beth Bey [shit or is it Beth Bay I always got that mixed up] – hey girl!  Look at my chicken.

Deirdre Dreyfuss – we talked a few years ago.  I lost your number.  We threw a pie at someone once …

Wendy Gardner – we saw each other through boyfriends (Walt – yours.  Dave, Paul – mine.)  There was a gum incident…

Valerie Linck –  we talked a few years ago too… are you running that inn in Vermont yet?

Christopher Park – remember North Campus dorm #7?  The last time I saw you, you gave me a ride on the back of your motorcycle in Berkeley…  do you still idolize Dylan?  Remember Glo?

Lynn Sessa – you emailed me for high school reunion.  I emailed you and it bounced back.  You have a twin. 

Marta Minnerop – we had homeroom together for years.  We cut classes one day and went to Manhattan to see “A Man and a Woman” with French subtitles.  Then we went to Macy’s to shop for shoes.

Yumiko Ikuta – we shared that damn van from Queens.  Every day.  With Augie and Greer. 

Monique Stoehr –  you were my best friend for years, you helped me run away.  And then it was all over.  I am not mad anymore, I hope you are not either.   

That is all for now.  I would add some guys but, well, maybe next time [Milldog, Finkelstein, Dinner bell… okay I am happily married – stop that…]

So, what’s up?

– Michele


9 responses to “What’s up?

  1. I’ve run across so many old friends lately in the last year. It is really wonderful, like we just picked up from where we left off. I hope you find all of them.

  2. It is nice when that happens.

  3. Michele,

    As you suggested, I did google myself and came across this. I did run the Inn for awhile under new ownership and am now working in a law office.

    Are you still in Virginia?


  4. Hey Valerie! Nice to hear from you!

    Yes, I am still in Virginia, but we moved since the last time I talked with you. I went up to reunion a couple of years ago – with Ellen, Ira, and Bobbi. We visited D Phi E – well, the house, it is no longer D Phi E.

    Law office, huh? Do you like it? You are still in Vermont, though, right? Still skiing?

  5. I knew both Yumiko and Monique from P.S. 193 in Whitestone, Queens. There is now a P.S. 193 web page run by one of the teachers, also a graduate of the school. That might be a good place to leave notes for both of them. You must have been in the van to Bronx Science with Yumiko.

  6. Beth – Yes, I was in the van with Yumiko. I went to J.H.S. 194, which is where I know Monique from. Thanks for the info.

  7. Michele – write to me.

  8. also – on Facebook

  9. Hi Marta!

    I will!

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