King Tut in a museum

home_tut_image.jpg Last Friday I saw the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. [I also went to the Barnes Foundation, but that will be another post.]

Before viewing the exhibit, we [husband, myself, and two friends] went to the IMAX show about the history of King Tut, his tomb, and the tradition and beliefs associated with Egyptian burials of the kings and royals at that time.  King Tut died suddenly at the ripe old age of 19, cause unknown still.  In this film I learned that the kings were given tombs that were hidden so well they would not be found, so as not to disturb them. In these tombs, they were mummified, and surrounded by a whole lot of artifacts – some of their possessions in life, and some things they will “need” in the afterlife.

So. In the 1920’s, this English guy [sorry I forgot his name?] went on an expedition to find King Tut’s tomb. And found it. And removed King Tut, his mask [used on his mummy], his coffins [these were boxed inside each other] and all of the artificats inside his tomb.

The exhibit at the Franklin Institute includes more than 50 artifacts from King Tut’s tomb, all over 3000 years old. Including the crown he was buried in.

While I thought the exhibit was interesting, I kept thinking – I sure wish they would have left this man’s grave in peace and not ransacked it. Even if it is for history’s sake.


2 responses to “King Tut in a museum

  1. I sit on the fence with that issue, too. I’m thinking of the Catacombs under Paris and how if I want to be buried in Paris one day my bones might end up for public viewing.

  2. Yeew. See? I wonder if Tut knew this could happen to him?

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