Reunion – a poem

cloud.jpgToday I found some poems I wrote long ago, while in college.  Every one of these poems has some angst going on.  It is funny how one can be creative only when you are in pain.

So here is one, this is years old.


                           They just floated

on top of


the flow of words

meaning nothing to us

or anyone.

So much used to be


now empty

swept away with time.

Words hanging in the air

like clouds moving


the sky

until they disappear

and are forgotten.

“I hope it doesn’t rain today.”

Copyright MWK 1982.


5 responses to “Reunion – a poem

  1. That is nice, Michele.

  2. Wow, that is a floaty little poem.

  3. I know what you were up to in college…

    Excellent poem.

  4. Thanks Kitty.

    what I was up to in college? just studying 😉

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