Just strange – part II

snake.jpgI returned home last night after spending a few days in Florida.

Things are a little awry in my house.

– the clothes that I had left sprawled on the settee in my dressing room after a frantic frenzy of trying to find summer clothes that fit me [due to weight loss none of my shorts fit anymore unless I am going for the long-in-the-crotch look] are now on the floor.

– the dishwasher that I swear I ran before I left and that shows a green light indicating such – does not show a green light which means I either did not run it [i did – the dishes inside were clean] or someone has opened it – aah!

– this morning, I go into the kitchen, make coffee, walk past the table area – and I see something long and kind of squiggly on the floor.   

A big shoelace perhaps?

It moves!

It is a fucking SNAKE!!!!!


In. My. Kitchen.

My scream probably woke up the neighborhood.  [it for sure woke up husband.]

We took a big piece of cardboard and scooped it out of the house onto the deck.  [okay, husband did – I opened the door.]

What the heck?


15 responses to “Just strange – part II

  1. Michele, think it’s time to start reconsidering getting a cat?

  2. I am so wondering why the snake opened the dishwasher.

  3. No, BruddahBob, no more cats my cat would have just played with it anyway. Or worse – could have been stuck there alone in a house with a snake for days.

    Max – if that snake opened the dishwasher it should have at least emptied the damn dishwasher – what the hell good is opening it without emptying it jeez.

  4. That snake is just an inconsiderate house guest.

  5. Inconsiderate indeed. That, and scary as hell.

  6. In my experience with cats, cats do not drive snakes away, cats bring snakes home as gifts — often living gifts you have to chase down and re-release into the wild.

  7. Snake! LOL. What a week you’ve had.

  8. Yes, a snake Kitty! Ack!

    Max, you are right, my cat used to bring in live mice from our screen porch and drop them in the house. Talk about a comedy scene.

  9. Our cat brought in a bat in his mouth, which he then let loose in the house. Ah, that was a fun night.

  10. LOL I can see you guys running around.

    Didn’t you and I run into the house once when there were bats in your yard? Glo was the calm one there.

  11. It wouldn’t have been tough to spot the non-New Yorker in that group.

  12. City kids are so funny.

  13. I still laugh at that – a strapping 6’4″” guy and a girl (me) in 4 inch heels flailing about the yard running from bats.

  14. That must have been a hilarious sight, Michele running from a bat.

  15. Bats, Kitty. Bats.

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