Just strange

princess1.jpg I had the strangest doctor visit ever yesterday.  It was just a routine visit to monitor a changed [thyroid] medication dosage.  Or so I thought.

I sign in and am told to wait until a nurse calls me.  I prepare for a long wait with a nice read of some trashy magazine [okay, not that trashy they only had WebMD and Newsweek.  I chose Newsweek.]

It is not 2 minutes before the door opens and the doctor himself calls me in.  Hmm.

The doctor weighs me.  Hmm.  I give him the usual spiel that he needs to deduct pounds for shoes and clothing.  He ignores that bit of information.

Doctor says to follow him – into his office.  Okay, this cannot be good but what the hell can he possibly know that I do not know yet?

Doctor – “Sit down.” 

Shit.  I sit down.

Doctor – Forgive me, our computer system is down. 

Oh.  I can talk computers I am in IT.

Me – Oh?  Don’t you have contingency? [this is not just a doctor’s office this is a doctors office in a major hospital building]

Doctor – Don’t get me started.  That’s down too.  Let’s talk about you.

Me – Okay.

Doctor – How’s work?

Me – Very Busy.

Doctor – Why?

Me – [shit let’s get on with this] – It just is.

Doctor – Any sweats or jitters?

Me – I’m not sure.  Um.  No.  [I hadn’t noticed.]

Doctor – Let me take your blood pressure.

As he is taking my blood pressure –

Doctor – How’s work?

Uh oh.

Me – Busy. 

Doctor – Why is it busy?

Me – It just is.

Doctor – Any sweats or jitters?


He sends me to get some blood taken [okay, this is routine to check my dosage]

Tells me to wait in the hall near the lab.  Takes my various phone numbers to call me with results and says “bye.”

I wait in the hall for at least 10 minutes.  In this 10 minutes I do not see one nurse.  Not one, in an office with that has 5 doctors. 

I mention this to the blood lady.  

Blood Lady –  Yeah, everything happens at once.

I do not want to know.

On my drive home, on one of those lovely surburban strips of 4 lanes each way, there is a woman dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume, dancing and waving on the side of the road.  She carries a sign that says “There are only 7 days left.”


9 responses to “Just strange

  1. You know, each time I look at this, I am sort of rendered speachless. Like there must be a reason, but what it could be I do not know. It would sure make the good opening for a real scary story.

  2. Bad news always hits without warning, it doesn’t give you 7 days notice because that would be too polite.

    So I say the lady with the 7 day sign had a spot sale on rugs and was probably paid $12 an hour to sweat her B-hind off and jiggle that sign about.

  3. I’m working on a post that has you in it.
    I hope this is not about that.

  4. Uh oh Kitty.

    Yes I do think this could be a scary story.

    There is a second part.

    I just arrive in Florida on last Friday, and am leaving a pizzeria (lunch) when my cell rings. It is the doctor.

    He asks – “did you get your blood work done?”

    I say “yes…’.

    He says – “Where, at our office?”

    Me – “yes, at your office.”

    He says “we don’t have it on the system, do you sometimes go by another name?”

    Oh My God.

    Me – “no.’

    Dcctor – “I’ll call you back.’

    Today is Wednesday. He has not called me back.

  5. Michele, call him back and find out what is going on.
    I’m worried sick about you.

  6. I am not worried about Michele. I am worried about that doctor. Maybe it is time for a new doctor, Michele.

  7. Max, I’m with you. My tax accountant forgot to mail me my completed tax forms so we had to file for extensions. This must be National Brain Dead Week. And I’ve haven’t been immune from it.

  8. I think it is the doctor. I will call back today.

    Kitty – don’t worry this is just a thyroid doctor checking if the dosage is correct. But I will call today. They probably lost my bloodwork and I will have to do it again. Grr.

    BruddahBob you need a new accountant.

  9. I finally called this doc’s office back 2 weeks later. Spoke to his nurse – bloodwork is fine, no changes needed. [no need to worry Kitty…] Seems they got confused with the computers down and had my results faxed.

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