Shoes and weiners

Husband and I were showing some friends around the East Village the other night and passed this sign. 


Honestly this advertisement would not get me into the store to buy a hotdog…..

3832-241161-d.jpgThis has nothing to do with weiners, but…
I bought these John Fluevog shoes (“Angela”) in NYC a couple of days ago. I have never owned yellow shoes. The shoes do not look this yellow in reality. Really. [I also recently bought white sneakers – another first.]

I suppose though one could wear the yellow shoes while eating a hotdog?  The mustard would match the shoes.



6 responses to “Shoes and weiners

  1. This is the best title for a blog post.

  2. Why thank you…

  3. Michele bought white sneakers? I think you meant to put a “The end is near” sign up here, right?
    Missed you girl. Glad you are back.

  4. I bought them but have not worn them yet…

    Thanks Kit, glad to be back.

  5. That sign is a crack up. Talk about witty advertising.

  6. The sign over it – I could not get a good picture – was a hot dog jutting out that said “Eat Me”

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