Just what I wanted to know…

And who is YOUR Celebrity Boob Twin?

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jennifer Aniston

Who’s Your Celebrity Boob Twin?


14 responses to “Just what I wanted to know…

  1. I am Kate Moss. Cool.

  2. Spill you cagey girl you.

  3. You want me to spill my twins, uh un.

  4. “Twins”?


  5. I think Kitty must be holding a rack like Queen Latifa to be so secretive.

  6. Well she is Cajun and those girls are freaking stacked.

    Damn genetics.

  7. Latifa, LOL. No, not her.

  8. Hey Kitty you are Jennifer Aniston too I just know it.

  9. I’m just happy I’m not Mr. Costanza from Seinfeld.

  10. So who are you BruddahBob?

  11. [and why are you up so early???]

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