The cows are back

cow.jpgI am a city girl.  That lives in the country.    I drive by horse pastures and cattle farms on the way to work.  My house is surrounded by woods.  It can get awfully quiet in this house.

This morning, when I wake up I see the sunrise, all shades of pink, through the windows in front of the house.  I make coffee and go out onto the screenporch in the back.  And the sound is unmistakable:

Moo.  Moo.

I do not always hear this sound it depends on where the cattle are.  

But this morning?  The cows are back.

I kinda like it. 


8 responses to “The cows are back

  1. Did you bring them any coffee? They don’t take milk.

  2. Ha.

    Well, that “relishing the country life” did not last long. I go out there later and there is a fucking huge wasp flying around inside the screenporch. Can’t find it now it is there somewhere though.

  3. Cows are the best.

    BruddahBob, that was very funny.

  4. BruddahBob is a funny guy

  5. Thank you, I think.

  6. Cows mooing. Fresh coffee. Sounds like heaven.
    But I know damn well you are knee deep in rewrite hell.
    Quit trying to hide it.

  7. I drove through France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria… and most of the photos I brought back were of cows. “Stop the car, more cows!”

    We have big lanky cows in the Stripes. Over there, they have these little cuddly French cows, these dewey soft Swiss cows — and the cows wear jewelry! Real bells —

    Oops. Sorry. It is a cow thing.

    :::slinking off:::

  8. Oh yes, Kitty, I am in rewrite hell – the cows are great company during rewrite hell though.

    Max, I am sorry there are not many cows in LA – perhaps a visit to Scotland?

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