The bumpy ride – part I

driving.jpgA while ago I posted all excited about Clay’s summer tour.  I have to go I just have to there is no question.

Now the reality.

Dates are announced.  No concerts in my state although more dates will be announced later but who knows when or where.  Tickets are going on sale soon probably before all of the venues and dates are announced.  Which means action without all of the facts.  This causes me stress.

I can go to Asheville NC, at the Biltmore Estates, this is like a 7-hour ride.  But.  This place has only 2000 seats and there are season pass holders who get first dibs on tickets and I am not one of those people and then everyone it seems wants to go to this one and so there will likely be no seats left – period.  Unless you buy a season pass [I have done this before to get good seats – I split it with a friend] but you have to show up there and get it activated before you can buy the concert tickets so that is 2 7-hour drives – I am not that crazy.

Then there is Cary NC – with only 300 reserved seats and 7000 lawn seats – I do not do lawn seats where I have to watch him on the jumbotron that is just not worth it to me.  So.  300 seats what is the chance of getting one in his hometown????

I can drive 5 hours to Philly – tickets go on sale in 2 weeks.  But this place also gives its members first dibs on seats and now everything is complicated again.

Okay I am complaining alot but what the hell – I am a fan club member I pay $35 a year to get presale tickets and I still have to scramble for tickets? 

But.  I have to go.  I just do. 

And once I am there?  I will forget all about this. 

Here’s why:

[this fan video, of a semi-unplugged set, was taken at his first tour ever, and is the first time he ever heard an audience sing the words to his song along with him….]


16 responses to “The bumpy ride – part I

  1. “And once I am there? I will forget all about this. ”

    You too, huh? LOL. Hey, bring some girlfriends with you. Roadtrip, yay!

  2. The things you do for Clay.

  3. Yeah Kitty funny how you forget the trouble you went through once you get to the moment of him walking out onto the stage.

    Husband comes on the road trip. Heck, he does the driving. What a guy.

    I have travelled as far as Atlantic City (5 hours) and New York and New Jersey to see Clay, Max. I have had to travel 7 times to see him.

  4. Your committment floors me.

  5. I am ashamed to say it, but I have taken an international flight to get to a concert. Not one artist in particular, however. But yeah, international flight is where I draw the line.

  6. Wow, you are strict. No space travel?

  7. I might consider space travel for Clay.

  8. I’m so looking up to you, Michele. I have done none of the above. I feel so awful. I’m a lousy fan.

  9. No you are a sane fan.

  10. I added a youtube of a fan’s video clip from his first concert tour.

  11. Oh he is kind of cute, Michele. I have never seen him perform before.

  12. Yeah there is something about him in concert…

  13. International travel for Clay may be taking it to far. I mean, wouldn’t he need and international fan base?

  14. He has one actually. Huge fan base in Canada. Always complaining that he hardly ever tours there although he has toured in Vancouver and Toronto.

    Also a lot of fans in the Phillipines and Singapore, believe it or not. They have travelled here just to see him. And some have travelled from Ireland as well.

  15. Hey it is just impressive to me you finally posted a YouTube instead of a nefarious link. You are a Blogging Ninja now.

  16. Yay, Michele, you got the youtube to work.

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