The white sneaker

1396-370554-d.jpg I have white sneaker angst they are just not “me.”  But.  I need to buy them it is the uniform.

I found this white sneaker, the Privo Sofrito.  I like it and it does not make my foot which is a size 9 look like a boat.

I bought them.  Yay!


25 responses to “The white sneaker

  1. Wow. I never thought I would see the day.

  2. That was quick!

    Will these do?

  3. It is a lot of gray but they should work.

  4. Yay! I actually like these and I got them at 10% off.

  5. 10% off? You are so savvy.

  6. I like to buy on sale it’s in my blood.

  7. Is that where you’ve been, shoe shopping?
    Well you done good.

  8. Thanks Kitty.

    I wish I’ve only been shoe shopping. Work has been interfering with life. I had to go away on business. Sigh.

  9. You know, shoe shopping is really the only good excuse to be late for chat.

  10. Not grocery shopping?

  11. Wait. Grocery shopping too. Grocery shopping is better than shoe shopping. Definitely.

  12. Well, glad you are back anyway.

    Oh yeah, ole buddy, ole pal, I think we might have gotten you in trouble that night you missed chat.

    Just kidding.

  13. She is not kidding. You should have seen the things they pinned on you. It was scandalous.

  14. I say combine the occasion — Grocery shopping while wearing new shoes.

  15. Not us, noooooo. We got blamed for a lot of stuff, but we took the fifth, the whole fifth, (hic)… what was I saying?

  16. Not new sneakers.

    Sneakers are casual.

    Grocery shopping is sacred.

    Damn you heathens.

  17. Maybe save the sneakers for “grab n go” grocery shopping.

  18. LOL.

    No shoes for grocery shopping, no, not even “grab n go” – sheesh.

    I see that I can never miss chat again – ever.

  19. Nah, don’t worry Michele. We got your back.

    AJ’s discount beats your 10% off.

  20. AJ’s discount? What did I miss?

  21. The thing that were said, Michele. They would make you blush. Btw, cool sneakers.

  22. ThingS, not thing. ThingS. Plural, dammit. ThingS.

  23. That’s it. I will never miss chat again damn it.

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