Food recalls – now it’s your dog’s or cat’s food

I read on Max’s blog yesterday about the emergency cat and dog food

There is an update on March 24 – go here for info.

Helpless and healthy dogs and cats are getting sick.  Some are dying.  Apparently the 90 or more pet foods with the problem are causing kidney problems and in some instances kidney failure.

If you fed your cat or dog one of these foods,  go get its blood checked. 

And.  Stop giving them the food.  


11 responses to “Food recalls – now it’s your dog’s or cat’s food

  1. Thanks for posting that, Michele.

  2. You’re welcome.

  3. I suspect this happened to one of our cats many years ago and she almost died. It took her a long time to recover and it was really touch and go for a while. I still think it was a bad can of food but there was no mass recall and it’s not like I knew to save enough for a lab test to prove it was bad. But we didn’t switch brands but I was paying attention to unusual smells from the cans of food after that. And thanks for posting that Max and Michele.

  4. I hope you didn’t feed your cats any of the recalled food.

    It is scary my mother’s cat died from sudden kidney failure it makes me wonder now – she was young-ish for a cat. And of course she gave the puppy one of these brands last week. It seems to be okay now though.

  5. I’m hearing they are adding foods to the list, I’m throwing out the dog food we have here and going get some new one.

  6. It looks like dry food may be safer.

  7. I really think the way to go is with smaller, less commercial independent companies that make their food in house. Also, the raw food diet is a good solid plan and there are companies now that pre-package that so you do not have to do it the old fashioned way, blending up vegetables and handling lots of raw meat. Dunno if you guys are familiar with that diet.

  8. I heard about the raw food diet it is good for animals.

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  10. When we stop over processing our food chain we will stop seeing these scares – until then you me and our pets are going to be at risk

  11. It is smart(er) to stay with the fresh unprocessed foods for both ourselves and our pets. Of course, thre are problems there too with the vegetables.

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