The dreaded plateau

weight-stomach.jpg I have been on a diet for almost 5 weeks now. And I have lost 13 pounds. But. For the past 2 weeks I have not lost anything.

Not. One. Single. Pound.

I do not know why – I have been eating only 1000 calories a day and have been a cranky bitch because of it – who wouldn’t be – and I cannot – will not – go any lower than that for fear of falling over. [and divorce.]

The other night, my friends Z and Kitty gave me some rational advice. “Exercise.”

Oops. I am allergic to that word, I have ample opportunity but plenty of excuses. I need the time to work on script. I would have to dust the treadmill and nordic track sitting in my basement. Oh, and the free weights – also in the basement.

When I weight-lifted years ago, I had an 11 inch bicep and was so proud that I posed with a life-sized cardboard replica of Hulk Hogan at a NYC street fair, flexing my muscles. I thought I was “the hotness.” I still have that cheesy picture somewhere. Maybe I should find it.


19 responses to “The dreaded plateau

  1. Go dust off that Nordic Track, Miss Hotness.

  2. You could skip dusting and just use it, I bet the dust would just fly off on its own if you used it.

  3. You are taking away my excuses grrr…

  4. Yes I am.

    I will make you a deal. If you go do the Nordic Track, I will go do my pilates.

    Pilates is harder. It is a good deal.

  5. Okay but this is only good till midnight and I am not doing pilates till I see a [truthful] post that says you nordic tracked.

  6. 11 inch bicep. ‘Scuse me if I pause for a moment here.

  7. It takes 7 times of doing something regularly to become a habit. Block off 7 Nordic Track “dates.” Start off slow, do not overexert yourself. You want it to be fun while you are making it a habit.

    Be careful not to injure yourself. Injury means no exercise thus no habit.

    And with all this preaching I am ashamed to say I have just missed my treadmill workout dates 7 times in a row. Just recently. That is bad and I don’t feel good about it. I will exercise vicariously through you. Maybe if I see you bragging about all that exercising you’re doing I’ll be jealous enough to get my ass back on that thing.

  8. 11 was flexed, right?

  9. I think exercise is a 4 letter word! but it is a necessary evil. You might want to try bumping up your calories a little for a day or two, then back to 1000 — then up to 1200 for a day, then 1000 for 2 days — or some other combo. That way your body gets confused, and doesn’t “hold” on to the fat because it thinks it is starving or gotten used to the low calorie intake. I usually keep my calories around 800 a day, but when I hit a plataue (and I’ve had LOTS of weeks of gaining and not losing sometimes several weeks in a row) – I will kick up the calories 1oo to 200 for a day or two on and off till I start to lose again. I also do 30 mins on a stationary bike five days a week UGH! – but at least I can read, chat with family, watch tv — and pretend I’m NOT really exercise. I have also start doing more little movements all day — stretching at my desk, tapping my feet, car dancing with the radio up, leg lifts while waiting for the microwave to beep, standing while on the phone instead of sitting – tiny things to more calories throughout the day. Hang in there – the scale will move, eventually! 🙂 Lady Rose, , co-author Incredible Shrinking Ladies blog

  10. Okay I have used the nordic track. And yes, I started slow Kitty – ten minutes. I figure every other day for 10 minutes this week could work.

    11 inches was flexed.

    Thanks Lady Rose for the calorie change-up advice I effectively did that this weekend because I had company and went to a party and totally ignored counting for the last 2 days so maybe the combo of that and the nordic track will do something. Here’s hoping.

  11. By the way, I was at the doctor Thursday, and my blood pressure which typically was around 120/80 is now 104/66 – see what 13 pounds off does? I was amazed.

  12. Glad you got back on the Track. Keep talking about it so I can be guilted to get back into my routine.

  13. Actually my arm muscles burned doing it which means they need a workout. Legs were ok.

  14. I went to Jack in the Box today and ate two extra martian tacos just for you Michele.

  15. Martian tacos? Never heard of them.

    On Saturday I had a cheeseburger and fries at Friday’s I said the hell with it I am going to eat. [I did order a diet coke with it though]

  16. Michele, you’re such an inspiration. Not that I’m exercising. But you had me daydreaming of me on a treadmill in shorts and a tank shirt, another forty pounds less, six packs, killer boobs and all… sheesh, that was THE dream. Bless you, my friend.

    Seriously now, keep it going. Your bp is proof you’re doing it all right. Bravo.

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