Clay yay!

I am excited.  Dancing excited.  Heart racing excited.

The new summer 2007 tour has been announced! 

A happy summer to come.  Pre-sales!  Meet and greets!  A definate road trip [he never comes to my town.]

Get ready for a bumpy ride.


13 responses to “Clay yay!

  1. Happy summer indeed, Michele.

  2. I always get excited when a new Clay tour is announced.

  3. Your poor, poor husband…

  4. LOL – he is a lucky husband

  5. Does he look like that now? I thought someone said he was blonde. The Aussie is confused.

  6. He used to be blonder when they put highlights in his hair. He looks like this now – but I think his hair may be shorter he is always changing his hair.

  7. I keep dropping by, seeing this post, and stopping myself from typing what is in my head.

    It is so hard.

  8. I can only imagine what is in your head. [bet it rhymes with the title]

  9. Say, just how many American Idol guys have you touched, Michele?

  10. Um – two. Sigh.

    But I have touched Clay more than once.

  11. You are so frisky.

  12. Not nearly as I’d like to be.

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