Colette – “the” trendy Paris shop

The last time I was in Paris, I shopped at Colette and bought a bracelet made of at least 50 individual thin silver-colored wire bangles that could be spaced from wrist to elbow.  [I have not worn that in years – I should get that out.]

If you ever go to Paris, you should check out this store.  Just browsing is fun.  You can also look at stuff online.

I recently received a newsletter for Colette’s 10 year anniversary.  This has some really cool stuff:


A limitied edition charm necklace (only 10!) with charms by 10 jewelry designers including Atelier 11, Azumi & David, Florian, Husam el Odeh, les Bijoux de Sophie, Ligia Dias, R, Scott Stephen, Sonja Bishur and Aurélie Bidermann.


A sneaker even I could wear. This is designed by Scarlett Johansson in association with Reebok. Other designs available too. Exclusively at colette from March 19th.


A tech bunny named Nabaztag. Oh this bunny does lots of things. Only 300 of these.


Coke-Blak accessories. This one’s for Kitty. There will also be a special preview of the Coca-Cola Blak Box by Philippe Di Méo on March 17th.

Images from Colette, 213 rue st. honore, paris


10 responses to “Colette – “the” trendy Paris shop

  1. Oh my. I totally dig those sneakers. Also, Kitty is going to looove you for the Coke Blak accessories.

  2. Michele! You can find anything. LOL. I looked all over the site and couldn’t find the Blak accessories. But I see them in your photo. Thanks.
    That site is awesome, love the flash on there.

  3. I like those sneakers too. Not sure how they would look in a size 9 though.

    Kitty – that’s weird – they are on the newsletter, they should be on the site too.

  4. Oh well, all that matters is I’m in the mood to go to Paris.

  5. Me too girl. Me too.

  6. Jeesh. Now my life is not complete without the mob bag.

    That is one cute site too.

  7. Oops, that link does not go to the bag.

  8. That is one sweet bag. 850 euros!

    I bought a bag made by MCM once. That bag was a fortune but it has lasted over 15 years.

  9. What is 850 euros in U.S. currency?

    And, um, what was it before Bush entered office?

  10. I’m not sure but it is more than $850 dollars. Perhaps around $1,100 or $1,200.

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